The Perfect Trail For Everyone

Experience the Real Ruggedness of the Sahyadri !

The Buruj Mountain Trail Run 2022

That’s exactly what you’re about to witness with The Buruj Mountain Trail  Run 2022. The harsh and difficult, yet beautiful and welcoming trail we’ve chosen for you will leave you asking for more. You can choose your distance and run on the rugged nature trail with your family, friends, or other awesome runners.

With a number of routes to explore you can decide to opt for the longest trail run and become a champion! Don’t worry, the race will be conducted within the limits of Chaurjai, Kadjai and Taljai Hills.

430 M elevation

4.5 Hours
10 KMS

1270 M elevation

7 Hours
30 KMS

2780 M elevation

14 Hours
60 KMS

4100 M elevation

21 Hours
80 KMS

7090 M elevation

32 Hours
120 KMS

Let's Race to the End!