The Jumping
Gorilla Mountain
Trail Run Series

We passionately host beautifully scenic, challenging, super-fun trail running events in Sahyadri Ranges.
Multiple events per year. All year long. Every distance from 10 kms to 160 kms!

The Jumping Gorilla Mountain Trail Run Series takes you past the mountains and valleys of the Sahyadri, popularly known as the Western Ghats. These western ghats are older than the Himalayas and are known for its trekking trails capped with lofty peaks, cascading waterfalls and rocky hill terrain. So come join The Jumping Gorilla Mountain Trail Run Series to test your mettle and build your grit!

Transforming the Race Experience

First time in India - Innovative Race Tracking & Monitoring Technology for mountain trail runs.

Inspite of the difficulty to get precise timings on mountains our race tracking technology captures real-time accurate timing for every single athlete. Not only that but within a few seconds of the race completion every race participant get digital results right on their phone.

So why wait, register today!

At the Jumping Gorilla Trail Run, we've had some amazing people join us and feel the power of running. Here's sharing all the happy moments from our previous races. Join us for the upcoming ones and become a part of the Jumping Gorilla Fam!

Would like to take a moment to appreciate the team & volunteers who made this event possible even in a scorching heat, waiting at the aid station for hydrating & nutrition support on point for all the athletes participating.

Roshan Surve Year 2020

It was a perfectly planned and well executed event. Volunteer support was very good. Thank you Adinath sir and entire team of #jumpinggorillatrailrun for a perfectly planned and well executed event. It was a wonderful experience.

Sathish Deca Year 2020

Oh!! What a run... Thank you Adinath Naik sir for organising such an awesome event which has challenged us to push ourselves beyond our comfort zones ! Also heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers for the support provided to all participants during the run.

Atul Vartak Year 2021

#Thejumpinggorillatrailrun Thank you for taking that pain to organise such events Govind Yadav and Adinath Naik

Naman Kumar Year 2021

I wanted to quit around 45th km but thanks to Lalita Undefined and volunteers who pushed me... Their encouragement made a huge difference. Thanks to Adinath Naik and Govind Yadav sir for giving me an opportunity to run this awesome trail. It was a very well organized event which has been approved by several international organizations. Next year will train harder and be back

Niraj Khandwala Year 2022