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Indian Sports Revolution

Know Who We Are

Let’s Revolutionize Sports!

Indian Sport Revolution is the brainchild of Adinath and Jaygovind conceived to develop a healthy sporting culture in the country. Who better to handle the future of sports in a country where about 57 lakh people are interested in the field than professional athletes?

The idea is to strengthen the sports culture within the minds of more than 1.4 billion residents of India.

They are working towards bridging the gap of accurate education, training and technology in sports.

Explore Trail Running!

Sports play a vital role in child development. Running trails is a great way to introduce physical activity among kids. The beauty of running on the varied terrain of the Sahyadri hills is a must have experience for kids as young as 5 years!

As a parent, guardian, or an individual who wants to improve their lifestyle, you can run a longer course. We’ve got multiple distance options and tracks to choose from – all of which are equipped with aid stations and friendly volunteers. So, take in the views as you run towards a better and healthier life!

Adinath Naik


Jaygovind Yadav


We offer our fellow runners an opportunity to explore their strength by running some of the most beautiful trails on the Sahyadri Ranges. Get yourself pumped for the 5+ events we host in a year ranging from 5km to 100km long trails!