The Great Mawla Ghaati Corporate Trail Run

Bring your team to the trail run and watch their zeal and productivity skyrocket!
Unleash your team’s potential with the ultimate bonding experience!
Date: 25th June 2023

Unleash your team's potential
with the ultimate bonding experience!

Date: 25th June 2023
Venue: Kusgaon Khind, Pune

Why Join?


It's time for you to unwind and escape from the rigorous corporate work life. Take a day off in the Sahyadri Mountains to relish trail running, embrace nature, and return to work inspired like a runner


Discover the enchanted, stunning, and spectacular trails in their natural, untouched state and have an unforgettable trail journey once you join the Great Maawla Ghaati Corporate Trail Run.


Enjoy the dreamlike splendor of nature and push your limits; step outside of your comfort bubble; show everything you've got; and chase victory with your teammates, keeping your spirits up!

Run for a Good Cause

Under the Jumping Gorilla Elite Sponsorship Program 2023, we’re proud to support and sponsor 30 deserving and passionate runners from all around India.
The proceeds from The Great Mawla Ghaati Corporate Trail Run will encourage the aspirations of deserving trail runners. Come participate for a worthy purpose and let’s join forces to help committed runners reach their ambitions.

Ready to conquer the trails?

Just grab these essentials and hit the ground running!

Proper shoes

Trail running shoes are designed to provide traction and stability on uneven terrain. Look for shoes with good grip, durable soles, and protection from rocks and other debris.


Staying hydrated is crucial for trail running, especially in hot or humid conditions. Carry a water bottle or hydration belt.


Trail running requires a lot of energy, so it's important to fuel your body with the right nutrients. Carry energy gels and bars.

Heat Protection

Don't forget to protect yourselves from UV rays. Carry SPF sunscreen, a cap, and sunglasses.

Safety Gear

Always be prepared for emergencies by carrying a whistle, and a fully charged cell phone.


Wish to sponsor the event?

Join the Great Maawla Ghaati Corporate Trail Run & get the perks of a sponsor and get your brand featured on promotional and marketing collaterals for The Jumping Great Mawla Ghaati Ultra Trail Run 2023 like banners, social media posts, t-shirts, event posters, hoardings, and much more. Get the brand recognition you’ve always wanted.

Join the Corporate Mawla Trail Run 2023 and experience a unique team-building activity that combines the best of adventure, nature, fitness, and goodwill.