Discover the serenity of the
Sahyadris and Unbolt
the adventurer within you!

Welcome to the Jumping Gorilla Mountain Ultra Running Championship 2024

“Burj” symbolizes strength and endurance, echoing the spirit of every runner conquering the majestic Sahyadri mountains. “बुर्ज” adds a touch of local flavor, celebrating the rich cultural tapestry of Sahyadris & Western Ghats.

Explore the untouched beauty of Burj’s challenging yet captivating trail—a journey that promises both difficulty and splendor. the race will unfold within the scenic confines of Chaurjai, Kadjai, and Taljai Hills. Get ready for an adventure that leaves you craving more.

Race Categories
Gear up for the ultimate test of your limits

430 M elevation

4.5 Hours
10 KMS

1270 M elevation

7 Hours
30 KMS

2780 M elevation

14 Hours
60 KMS

4100 M elevation

21 Hours
80 KMS

7090 M elevation

32 Hours
120 KMS

650 M elevation gain

3 Hours
10 Kms

1620 M elevation gain

7 Hours
25 KMS

3060 M elevation gain

14 Hours
50 KMS

6100 M elevation gain

30 Hours
100 KMS

The Ultimate Trail Run
Experience Awaits You!