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The Great Mawla Ghaati Ultra Trail Run

Hosted in the Sahyadris, GMGU is a trail race that celebrates the superhuman qualities of exceptional mountain climbers and fighters of the Mawla community. Men from the Mawla community, led by Tanaji Malusare, climbed the tall walls of the then known Kondhanpur Fort, and restored it to the Maratha Kingdom of King Chhatrapati Shivaji Raje Bhosale. In the battle that led to the supreme sacrifices of Tanaji and his soldiers, the grieving king renamed the fort to Sinhagad as he said -“We got our fort, but we lost our lion.”

Through this race of the Jumping Gorilla Mountain Trail Run Series, it is our humble attempt to share and retell the story of this significant and super heroic feat of the Mawla Infantry of Maratha Army. While signing up for the race, you chose to dedicate their runs to the memory of these great warriors.

THE CHALLENGE – 100 Mile | 8520 METERS

The Great Mawla Ghaati Ultra Trail Run 2024 is not just another race – It’s not for the faint of heart – it’s for those who are ready to conquer new frontiers and break through the challenge. The 100-mile challenge is a monumental test of human willpower – it demands a rare combination of grit, determination, and an unrelenting desire to push yourself beyond limits to fight against 8520m elevation gain, cut-off time: 48 hours
It’s an opportunity to harness the kind of inner strength and resilience that’s unmatched and to create a personal milestone that will be remembered for a lifetime. The Great Mawla Ghaati Ultra Trail Run 2024 is where the extraordinary meet the exceptional and new milestones are just waiting to be achieved.


Will be informed via email to all registered participants.


Will be informed via email to all registered participants.


14th June’ 2024, Friday 01:00pm (100mile)
15th June’ 2024, Saturday 6:00am (50km/75km/100km)
16th June’ 2024, Sunday 6:00am (10km/25km)

100miles मावळा - 161Km Summit

100KM मावळा

75KM मावळा

50KM मावळा

25KM मावळा

10KM मावळा


If you are an experienced mountain trail runner or if you are an experienced long distance runner, you would like to give this a try.

The categories are – 10kms, 25kms, 50kms, 75kms, 100kms and 100 miles.

The registrations have already started.

The race will be held on the slick side of the Sahyadri ranges, near Pune.

It is a self supported race where we have manned aid stations to help support your ultra human endeavor. 

Head torch, water vest, electrolyte, pocket knife, good pair of shoes, cap, trekking poles, and watch.

Yes, if you wish to. It would be beneficial.

It would be the onset of monsoon, and summer days would be at their peak.

The race will be timed through an innovative Race Tracking & Monitoring Technology.

Yes you will get a certificate on completing the race.

Yes, details will be published on the website later.

T-shirt, electronic timing bib, finishing medal, post race lunch, aid stations and physio support. 

Yes, pre-preparation is required before the race.
If an Athlete wants to participant in the Mountain trail run, it is not sufficient to be just a long distance runner. They must get familiar with elevation gain on the mountain. They should also focus on their muscles and lungs endurance. They should work on their foot mobility and on injury prevention strength training – which will be explained during the workout schedule. And most importantly, they need to focus on their sports nutrition and hydration when they are on the mountains.

(Details about the airport, railway station, and bus stop) The following are directions to the Mawla location: Google Maps Location of the Race: Click Here

The site is 40 kilometres from Pune Airport. It would be quite simple for you to reach the venue from the airport because there are numerous cabs and taxis available nearby. Public transportation is available. The bus frequency in Pune is excellent! Take the PMT bus from Pune Airport to Katraj, then the next PMT bus to Khed Shivapur. Take local transportation, such as a rickshaw, from Khed Shivapur to the race venue in Kusgaon.

The distance from Pune Railway Station is 33 kilometres. Another great option is to reach by train. various cabs, rickshaws, and buses are accessible from Pune station, making it quite handy.

Private transportation is available. This is, without a doubt, the most suitable option. Use Google Location to get directions from your location to the race venue: Click Here

The location is really easy to reach, and there are many convenient options around, so getting to the venue is very simple

Let's Race to the End!