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The Jumping Gorilla Mountain Trail Run Championship 2023

Jumping Gorilla Mountain Trail Run Championship 2023

It’s time to gear up for yet another extraordinary and breathtaking trail adventure. The Jumping Gorilla Mountain Trail Run Championship 2023 is hosted in the majestic and scenic Katraj and Sinhgad mountain ranges near Pune, Maharashtra, India. This year, the difficulty is at an all-time high, with 3 race categories: 25 kilometres, 50 kilometres, and 100 kilometres, which will put your ultimate fortitude to the test. Transverse the stunning and mighty hiking trails of the Sahyadri mountain ranges.

Experience the unfettered splendour of nature and give your eyes a delight by witnessing mountains that are embellished to resemble the charming legacy of old forts that hold testimony to the rich history and the glory of every trace left by our king, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.
Each race will be completed at different stages in an undetermined pace and within a specified timeframe & limit.

THE CHALLENGE – 100 km| 6050m

The 100-kilometre race will be  challenging & the most demanding  ever, testing your endurance and making you want to give up at every mile with its extensive route of over 100 kilometres and elevation gain of approximately 6050 metres. It’s going to be a semi-autonomy race. If you are signing up for the 100-kilometre challenge, make sure you are prepared mentally and physically for it. The challenge of 100 kilometres is not for the faint hearted, and it will be a bittersweet experience for you. Test your greatest strength in the fierce Sahyadri mountains and embark on the ultimate challenge.


The Jumping Gorilla Mountain Trail Run series races are primarily aimed at pure trail running. The race route begins in Katraj and extends to Sinhagad Mountain, which is located on the southern ridge around the basin of Pune city. The race route spans the boundaries of the Pune district’s Bhor and Velhe talukas. The race route is through extremely lofty and rugged mountain terrain. Before reaching the crest of Sinhagad Fort, you will ascend over 13 hills. While the trail will make every step difficult for you, nevertheless, it’ll be beautiful as you venture far, and you will experience the Sahyadri ranges in their natural, untouched form. Make sure you are ready to confront the demanding Sahyadri range because this course of trails will test your strength. You will need tremendous resilience to conquer these challenging terrains.



The 2023 Jumping Gorilla Mountain Trail Run Championship will commence in the mighty Katraj Mountains and extend to the rugged Sinhgad Mountain Range. The Sahyadris’ unexplored trails and the valley in the site provides a spectacular panorama of the mountain ranges, which are a realistic reflection of a spirit of adventure and the amazing and great treasures of nature. Witness the unfiltered grandeur of the Sahyadri range.


The Jumping Gorilla mountain trail run Championship 2023 is a self supported race where we have manned aid stations to help support your ultra human endeavour. These aid stations are strategically placed to help you with emergency medical conditions, water refills,  at proper intervals. It is expedited that you plan your race accordingly.


The jumping Gorilla mountain trail run championship 2023 will be timed through an innovative Race Tracking & Monitoring Technology. In spite of the difficulty to get precise timings on mountains, our race-tracking technology captures real-time accurate timing for every single athlete. At the race, we aim to offer precision and data breakups for the athletes to help them analyse their runs.


The Jumping Gorilla Mountain Trail Run Championship 2023 will be held on January 7th and 8th, 2023. Get ready for a breezy, cool trail experience as winter sets in January. You may face some frosty winds on your trail adventure!

This is how the event schedule unfolds.

BIB EXPO: ( will update shortly)

ROUTE BRIEFING: (Will update shortly)

LOCATION : click Here

RACE FLAG OFF: 7th January 2023 Saturday 2:30 pm

1620 M elevation gain

7 Hours
25 KMS

3130 M elevation gain

14 Hours
50 KMS

6240 M elevation gain

28 Hours
100 KMS


If you are an experienced mountain trail runner or if you are an experienced long distance runner, you would like to give this a try.

There are three categories – 10 Kms, 25 kms, 50 kms & 75 kms.

The registrations have already started.

The race will be held on the slick side of the Sahyadri ranges, near Pune.

It is a self supported race where we have manned aid stations to help support your ultra human endeavor. 

Head torch, water vest, electrolyte, pocket knife, good pair of shoes, cap, trekking poles, and watch.

Yes, if you wish to. It would be beneficial.

It would be the onset of monsoon, and summer days would be at their peak.

10th June’ 2022.

The race will be timed through an innovative Race Tracking & Monitoring Technology.

Yes you will get a certificate on completing the race.

Yes, details will be published on the website later.

T-shirt, electronic timing bib, finishing medal, post race lunch, aid stations and physio support. 

Yes, pre-preparation is required before the race.
If an Athlete wants to participant in the Mountain trail run, it is not sufficient to be just a long distance runner. They must get familiar with elevation gain on the mountain. They should also focus on their muscles and lungs endurance. They should work on their foot mobility and on injury prevention strength training – which will be explained during the workout schedule. And most importantly, they need to focus on their sports nutrition and hydration when they are on the mountains.

(Details about the airport, railway station, and bus stop) The following are directions to the Mawla location: Google Maps Location of the Race: Click Here

The site is 40 kilometres from Pune Airport. It would be quite simple for you to reach the venue from the airport because there are numerous cabs and taxis available nearby. Public transportation is available. The bus frequency in Pune is excellent! Take the PMT bus from Pune Airport to Katraj, then the next PMT bus to Khed Shivapur. Take local transportation, such as a rickshaw, from Khed Shivapur to the race venue in Kusgaon.

The distance from Pune Railway Station is 33 kilometres. Another great option is to reach by train. various cabs, rickshaws, and buses are accessible from Pune station, making it quite handy.

Private transportation is available. This is, without a doubt, the most suitable option. Use Google Location to get directions from your location to the race venue: Click Here

The location is really easy to reach, and there are many convenient options around, so getting to the venue is very simple

Tempo Traveler - On 18' June pick up from the above mentioned hotels have been arranged. Pick up will be at 4 AM. Drop off to these hotels from the venue after the race completion, every one hour from 11 AM till 9 PM will be available.